Optimum Sales follows a structured, objective-based, systems-driven management approach to attain optimum results for our manufacturers, retailers, distributors and wholesalers. We develop a specific sales plan with each of our manufacturers focused on their goals and objectives.

Our team follows specific call plan procedures to ensure our success with all retail, distributor and wholesaler visits. We present / review each of our lines with all our accounts during each of our retail, distributor and wholesaler visits. Our primary objectives are to secure distribution on all items, secure and maintain proper shelf placement, space and MSRPs, secure and confirm promotional activity and to create growth for each of our retailer, distributor, wholesaler and manufacturer partners.

We also follow specific guidelines concerning manufacturer market visits - i.e. sales representative work-withs, retailer and distributor trade calls and meetings - to ensure that we maximize the benefits for all our manufacturers and our company.

Other broker organizations in the California, Nevada, Arizona and Pacific Northwest Markets with similar sized sales teams manage as many as 150 to 300+ manufacturers/lines. At Optimum Sales we don't feel that any sales organization can provide the proper time, attention and focus to each of their lines when managing that many manufacturers/lines. At Optimum Sales we represent around 55 lines as a comparison. Optimum Sales is also the only regional brokerage that is employee based and covers the entire west coast as a single company.

With Optimum Sales representing you, that means more time, attention and focus on your brand,